Using proven science-based tools, we drive growth and enhance the effectiveness and impact of employees within your company.


Everyone wants to make a difference @ work.


Each person has innate talents fueled by drives and needs.


Requires continuous optimization for the workforce.

Why Imprint?


1. We are experts in providing transparency to your human capital.

Predictive analytical tools linked to specific job roles and expectations vs. generalized personality assessments.

2. A key to our approach is knowledge transfer.

Knowledge transfer that makes our clients less dependent on consultants.

3. We strive to make you less dependant on multiple disconnected assessments.

Leverage a single workforce analytics system that spans the total ‘hire to retire’ lifecycle.

4. It does not need to be a complicated elongated participant experience.

Combined scientific rigor and EEO compliance completed in a few minutes.

We work with the leadership of organizations to leverage workforce analytics to ensure they are hiring the right people for specific positions while increasing the engagement and productivity of their employees.

“If you don’t have data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

-George Deming


Want a more engaged and efficient workforce?