We help organizations understand and optimize their performance by leveraging proven Human Capital Analytics.

Our Approach


Leverage leading-edge human capital analytics and tools

Improve organizational performance & engagement throughout the employee life-cycle.

Our Clients

  • Value the use of robust analytical tools to gain deep insights into key dimensions which impact organizational success, culture and employee engagement/retention.
  • Request scientifically validated methods to couple with their judgment and observations when making workforce decisions.
  • Recognize the value of incorporating appropriate robust external diagnostic analytics to overcome inherent internal biases.

We help Leaders transform their organizations

Providing a suite of diagnostic analytical tools that identify important readiness strengths and gaps. This allows them to target gaps to address & strengths to leverage before executing strategies or making important personnel decisions.

Why Imprint Talent Readiness?

Using proven science-based tools, we will help you:

  • Secure the “right people in the right seats”
  • Accelerate team and individual performance
  • Increase retention and engagement
  • Drive growth by enhancing the effectiveness and impact of leaders.

A key to our approach is knowledge transfer:

  • Provide tools and methods that leverage the experience of your leaders
  • Facilitate the process of making your team operate independently of on-going outside support
  • Embed a scalable and sustainable method

Meet the Team

We have more than 70 years of experience working with global organizations to improve performance and achieve results.

Christopher Quinn

Co-Founder & President

As a C-level executive and entrepreneur, Chris has walked in your shoes. Like you, he’s felt the pain of hiring mistakes.

In 40+ countries and multimillion-dollar companies, Chris has held roles from sales to Corporate Officer and President. Along the way he stayed curious, questioning hiring, retention and management practices based on poor predictors and cognitive biases. Ever the disruptor, he moved upstream by applying science-driven insights to talent challenges.

Helping growth-minded clients find, manage, and value their talent with psychometrics and KPIs requires a dynamic,

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Ana Quinn


Ana brings method, order, and high energy to Imprint’s operations and client services. As a seasoned project and operations manager, talent management and career coach, and passionate about marketing communications and strategic development (one look at her resume and you will see how relevant her diverse experiences are to her work), Ana is dedicated to ensuring your successful experience with the Predictive Index and Imprint’s resources.

Collaboration and transparency are Ana’s air and water. She sees clients as partners who bring not only their needs to the table,

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