The Paradox of Size

CEOs of mid-sized companies rate their execution capabilities highest among their peers.

The High Growth Curse

In the first quarter of 2021, Line-of-Sight conducted research to measure how CEOs evaluate their organizations’ execution performance. In particular, the research compared the CEO ratings for high-growth companies (growing 50% or more year-over-year) against their peers growing at a slower clip.

Human Capital: Preparing for the Turnover Tsunami

Surveys show that between 25% and 50% of employees plan to look for a job this year and will do so as soon as the effects of the pandemic subside.

Uncertainty Is Not An Excuse

There is no other way to say this: for many companies, execution will be at risk in 2021.

Preparing Human Capital for Superlearning

This week, we consider how you can keep your employees’ competencies up to date despite the shifts in the work they’ve been asked to perform since the pandemic started.

A Simple Idea to Keep Employees Focused on What Matters

This week we discuss a simple approach to align activities and structure to your business strategy in the post-pandemic.

When It comes to Metrics, Less is More

You can only control what you can measure. Ford Motor Company is a great example: when the company decided to make their strategic goal, “Quality is job one,” they translated their performance into Six Sigma performance standards.

What Leader Do You Want to Be in 2021?

After nearly a year of operating in a crisis environment, we know what the attributes of good crisis leadership are: resilience to absorb unforeseen shocks, adaptability to pivot based on new circumstances, and ability to predict future scenarios.

The Many Benefits of a Clear Strategy

Despite the amount of change companies have been subject to, and perhaps because of it, Line-of-SightSM data show that our clients have over-indexed on communicating their intent and goals to employees.

How Best Practices Make You Worse Off

Market discipline starts at the top: the leadership team must define the mission (why do customers buy from us versus the competition), vision (what needs to be done to deliver the value proposition), and strategic intent of the organization. Only then can processes, infrastructure, and assets be aligned.