Employee burnout – don’t do it again

Strategic Understanding

Less is More: how to select strategic initiatives that create value.

Product or Service Innovation

Want to follow a Product or Service-based innovation strategy? Line-Of-Sight survey highlights the execution ingredients of success…

Operational Excellence

Want to follow an Operational Excellence as a competitive strategy? Here is how you need to execute…

Customer Intimacy

Want to follow a Customer Intimacy-based strategy? Here is how you need to execute…

Human Capital: The unsung hero of execution

CEOs rate the most important element of execution capabilities the lowest.

The Paradox of Size

CEOs of mid-sized companies rate their execution capabilities highest among their peers.

The High Growth Curse

In the first quarter of 2021, Line-of-Sight conducted research to measure how CEOs evaluate their organizations’ execution performance. In particular, the research compared the CEO ratings for high-growth companies (growing 50% or more year-over-year) against their peers growing at a slower clip.

Human Capital: Preparing for the Turnover Tsunami

Surveys show that between 25% and 50% of employees plan to look for a job this year and will do so as soon as the effects of the pandemic subside.

Uncertainty Is Not An Excuse

There is no other way to say this: for many companies, execution will be at risk in 2021.