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What is the Marketing Readiness Diagnostic?

As complexity increases, the war for talent continues to raise concerns for business leaders focused on employee retention and engagement, leadership, and current workforce skills. The Marketing Readiness Diagnostic provides a differentiated customer experience identifying and inspiring every employee’s potential, every job and everywhere.

We partner with…

B2B companies located in the US and abroad and who possess a commitment to marketing as a driver of differentiation, where technology and product innovation are still necessary and are no longer enough.

The MRD…

Solves readiness gaps, satisfies the need for a robust and objective approach and identifies target areas for development.

Why Imprint Talent Readiness….

We are agile and tailor our approach for partners. We know the readiness space and provide a balance between practitioner and use of data. We help you define and measure observed behaviors and offer a robust library of competencies and dashboard analytics.

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