Our Approach

Our Integrated Approach


  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Employee Experience Survey
  • Job Role Assessment
  • Strategy Assessment
  • Validity Studies (>350 studies)
  • Marketing Readiness


  • SaaS — Software as a Service platform
  • Dashboard Analytic Tools and Reporting

Knowledge Transfer

  • Onboarding and adoption workshops
  • Virtual and face to face
  • Benchmark reporting

Understanding Your Challenges

Human resource manager training people about company and future prospects. Group of businesspeople sitting in meeting room and listening to the speaker. Leader man training his work group in a conference room.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 80% of employee turnover is attributed to bad hires. Putting behavioral data to work for your organization empowers you to cut down on both time and money wastage by understanding who you are hiring, and how they will impact your business.

1. Operational Optimization

Providing business leaders with the framework and tools to design culture, roles, and teams that maximize business results.

2. Job Role Profile Modeling

Establish key behavioral attributes for each role. Ensure that people are a ‘fit’ with roles in which they will thrive.

3. Attract Candidates

Identify the behavioral requirements of a job and incorporate in job descriptions.

4. Behavior Based Interviewing

Generate candidate specific interview guides for utilization by hiring team.

5. Right Person Right Role

Make data supported decisions with each hire and those advancing to new roles.

6. On-Boarding Tool Kit

Use data to tailor the on-boarding plan for new hires and those advancing to new roles.

7. Talent Planning

Link talent pool and people strategy to business strategy to identify strengths and gaps. Rank and review internal and external candidates for targeted roles.

8. Develop Skills

Target role-specific skills for development based on diagnostic readiness results.

9. Team and Group Analytics

Tools and analytics to support team performance on key dimensions

10. Engagement

Placing the right people in the right jobs to optimize their potential.

Don’t accommodate differences. Embrace them. 

When we understand each other’s differences and gifts, we can work more efficiently and collaboratively.