What is The Predictive Index®?

Organizations prioritize the development and implementation of their business strategy but often overlook the importance of simultaneously developing and aligning their people strategy to achieve optimal results. The Predictive Index® (PI) is a scientifically-validated methodology that allows organizations to identify and inspire their talent to achieve optimal results, every job and everywhere.

Learn how the Predictive Index can support your organization.

The Partner

CEOs and business leaders who recognize the importance of ‘People KPIs’ to optimize performance and achieve business results

The Value

Talent Optimization System measuring organizational health and with a bias for action vs. a one-off assessment

Unlimited dashboard analytics and reports available on demand

The Product

Proven methodologies utilized to align an organization’s people strategy with their business strategy

Subscription model which includes knowledge transfer and support

The Science

Sixty (60)+ years of validated behavioral science at work

Adheres to professional guidelines and government compliance

Utilizes AI to predict and explain workplace behaviors

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Learn how PI can assist you in aligning your people strategy with your business strategy.

Gain perspective as to how the Predictive Index applies science-driven insights to leverage and align your talent needs to achieve results.